Sunday School

Our Sunday School hour is from 9:45 am to 10:45 am every Sunday morning. Class offerings are updated every trimester. Current classes are listed below.

Adult Sunday School: June 5th - August 28th

Angels & Demons, Heaven & Hell                                              

Teachers: Matt Martinie, Mike Brink

Are angels and demons real? Are Heaven and Hell physical places? Even though the Bible has a lot to say about these four subjects, there is quite a bit of confusion that remains, even in the church. Yet no one would claim these scriptural topics are unimportant, so let’s take a close look at them. If you have questions or concerns about any or all of these spiritual realities, please join us as we go to our only infallible source of teaching, the Word of God, and subject our thinking on these subjects to divine revelation.

Room: Fellowship Hall


Pray Always

Teacher: Mark Lancaster

During the Sunday School hour, we will gather to talk to the Lord.  There will be a short lesson or scripture reading, then we will pray for what anyone would like to bring.  Whether you pray out loud or to yourself, you will find others who believe that praying together and praying regularly are important.   

Room: Sanctuary


The Men’s Class: Incorporating Scripture into Daily Life

Teacher: Chris Schupp

We will be utilizing the Bible Reading Program that GEPC is following for 2022 to study and discuss God’s Word.  The class will have a focus toward conversation, as we discuss how the readings for that week are applicable in our daily lives. Come prepared with observations and questions as we journey through the Word together.  The class is open to all men of high-school age and older.

Room: Reception Room

Meeting ID: 958 2497 5853

Password: 1122

The Men’s Class is a fellowship of men devoted to praying for one another and journeying together as we strive to live out biblically based authentic manhood.   

The Women’s Class: Living the Sermon on the Mount                                                  

Teacher: Laura Cooper

The Sermon on the Mount offers a detailed explanation of what Jesus wants His followers to be and do. The book of James is also rich in offering Christians practical guidance on daily living. We will spend the first half of this session studying the Sermon on the Mount to understand what Jesus is teaching in these verses and how we can apply these verses to our lives today.  We will then move on to a study of the book of James to further understand and discuss how to live distinctive lives of faith as Christian women today. 

Room: 217-218