Sunday School

Our Sunday School hour is from 9:45 am to 10:45 am every Sunday morning. Class offerings are updated every trimester. Current classes are listed below.

Adult Sunday School: March 5th - May 28th

The Women’s Class: The Book of Acts – Part 2

The book of Acts provides an eyewitness account of the birth and growth of the early church.  What began with a small group of believers in Jerusalem spread to the entire world. Though written long ago, the book of Acts offers rich lessons for today’s church. In this session, we will conclude our study of the book of Acts and discuss how the experiences of those first Christians are still very applicable to our lives as Christian women today.  

Teacher: Laura Cooper

Room: 217-218

The Men’s Class: Passport — An Invitation to a Personal Relationship With God

One focus of the Men’s Class is prayer; each week we spend time praying for and with one another.  This season we will be spending time taking a look at our personal prayer lives.  Using a sermon series by Tony Evans covering Matthew 6: 5-13, we will break down what Scripture calls the Model Prayer (better known as the Lord’s Prayer), and how it should direct our personal prayer lives.  We will be viewing the sermons each week, pausing periodically to discuss or ask questions about the concepts presented.  Join us as we seek to utilize the gift of prayer as a tool to increase our personal relationships with the Father, who desires to hear from us.

Teacher: Chris Schupp

Room: 221 

The Men’s Class is a fellowship of men devoted to praying for one another and journeying together as we strive to live out biblically based authentic manhood. 

Pray Always

During the Sunday School hour, we will gather to talk to the Lord. There will be a short lesson or scripture reading, then we will pray for what anyone would like to bring. Whether you pray out loud or to yourself, you will find others who believe that praying together and praying regularly are important.  

Teacher: Mark Lancaster

Room: Sanctuary

Abide: A Ministry for Young(ish) Adults

This ministry is for youngish adults and adults with young families. Its design and purpose is to help us abide with one another (grow in community, encourage one another, share life) and abide in Jesus. Abide will meet weekly on Sunday Mornings starting October 30th during the Sunday School hour from 9:45-10:45am in the ministry center lobby. Coffee and pastries will be present! Our aim on Sunday mornings is to have some light teaching, discussion, prayer, and then a time for us to connect, fellowship, and share life. Besides meeting on Sunday mornings, Abide will host an event or two each month for us to connect with one another! If you have any questions, please reach out by email to Michael Morefield at

Room: Ministry Center Lobby

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life has become a classic book on growing into the likeness of Christ through the spiritual disciplines. Don Whitney, former Spiritual Formation Professor at Midwestern Seminary, has selected an array of spiritual disciplines including: prayer, worship, Scripture meditation, evangelism, serving, stewardship of time and money, Scripture application, fasting, silence and solitude, and journaling. You are invited to join us in seeking to grow in godliness through spiritual disciplines for the Christian life. 

Teacher: Kelly Dunn

Room: Reception Room

The Messiah and the Psalms

In Luke 24:44, Jesus says to His disciples, “These are my words that I spoke to you while I was still with you, that everything written about me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets, and the Psalms must be fulfilled.” Dr. Richard Belcher, Professor of Old Testament and Academic Dean at Reformed Theological Seminary, states, “The Old Testament is not fully understood until it is read in light of its fulfillment in Jesus Christ.” This is true of the many passages from the Psalms and Isaiah that are quoted in the several dozen New Testament passages that clearly demonstrate that Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of these passages, often referred to as “Messianic Psalms.” This study will look at a different set of Messianic Psalms each week along with the passages where they are referenced or are quoted in the New Testament.  Each week’s study will look at a different Messianic Psalm in the Old Testament historical context when it was written; the Biblical context when it is quoted in the New Testament; and applying the principles from the Psalm to our lives today.

Teacher: Bob Williams, Mike Brink, Matt Martinie

Room: Fellowship Hall