Submit a Link Announcement

The Link is Gashland EPC’s weekly source of news and events in the life of the church and lives.

We have two different variations of The Link that we distribute each week. The first is sent as a weekly e-mail newsletter on Wednesday’s to those who have signed up to receive the information by email. The second way to see the most up to date announcements each week is by reading the printed version of The Link that is provided in the Sunday Morning Worship page.

  • To guarantee inclusion in Wednesday’s e-mail Link, submissions AND approvals must be received by 2:00 pm Tuesday.
  • To guarantee inclusion in Sunday’s printed Link announcements, submissions AND approvals must be received by 2:00 pm Thursday.
  • All announcements must be reviewed and sponsored by one of the Elder or Deacon Ministry Teams.
  • Announcements may run as space is available.
  • Announcements may be run up to three weeks in a row (if space is available).
  • Announcements may be edited by staff for length.
  • If you have multiple ministry announcements please submit them individually.