Special Congregational Meeting | March 3rd

The Session of the Gashland Evangelical Presbyterian Church is calling a Special Congregational Meeting for Sunday, March 3 at 9:45 a.m. in the Sanctuary. The agenda for this Special Congregational Meeting is to vote on the confirmation of Michael Morefield as the next GEPC Senior Pastor and to approve the Terms of Call. Paper copies of the Terms of Call will be available for GEPC members in the GEPC church office on Sunday, 2/18, Wednesday Q&A, 2/21, and at the Sunday, 3/3, meeting. Accommodations for members to participate and vote via Zoom will be posted prior to the March 3 meeting. Contact session@gashland.org with any questions.

Men’s Campfire | This Saturday!

Men of Gashland, join us as we gather around the campfire for a time of fellowship and good food. We will meet by the Gashland pavilion at 6:30pm. The topic we are engaging in discussion this year is The Fruit of the Spirit. All ages are welcome, so feel free to bring your sons! Weather Permitting: We will be sure to send out an update ahead of time if the event is canceled due to weather. Contact men@gashland.org with any questions.

Children’s Ministries Recruitment Sunday

Please consider joining one of our Children’s Ministries Teams! We are looking for volunteers to make a difference in the lives of our children here at Gashland. We currently have openings for Children’s Church teachers and Summer Sunday School assistants. Please complete the Communications Card or email Rachael Adams at rachael@gashland.org, for more information. Our greatest need is to find others who also desire to share the hope of Jesus with the next generation. Could that be you?

Book of the Month: February | Placed for a Purpose

How do we intentionally and missionally love our neighbors? February’s book of the month: Placed for a Purpose by Chris and Elizabeth Mckinney is here to help! All of our copies are currently loaned out, but we have ordered more and they should be here in the next week or so. Or you can order on Amazon! If you’re interested in being a part of a discussion on this book, sign up online at https://gashland.org/book-of-the-month-discussion-sign-up/. Here is the book synopsis: If we do know our neighbors, we aren’t sure how to grow the relationship or talk about our faith with them. Placed for a Purpose provides a theologically rich framework for neighboring that helps people live missionally where God has placed them. Authors Chris and Elizabeth McKinney seek to provide a sustainable vision for the “low and slow” lifestyle of neighboring and supply practical tools that help people invest in their communities, value each step in the process, and build meaningful, gospel-motivated relationships with their fellow image-bearers right next door.

Outreach Collection: February | City Union Mission

We will be collecting toilet paper, canned green beans, and corn (large and small cans) for City Union Mission this month! Donations can be put in the Outreach Collection Boxes during the week. One is located in the upstairs lobby by the office under the TV, the other is located downstairs in the Ministry Center lobby by the south double doors. On February 11th and 25th, Joyce Grady will also have her silver beige Sedona Van parked by the patio on the east side of the church from 9:30 am to 10:50 am if you would like to drop off your donations then (weather permitting). Contact outreach@gashland.org with any questions!

Around the Table Sign-Ups | February 25th

Around the Table sign-ups for March are the next two Sundays during the Coffee time and before and after 2nd service. Around the Table is a time for the ladies of Gashland to share a simple meal and gospel centered conversation in order to inspire each other and deepen our relationship with Christ. The days and times vary with lunch and dinner options available. Sign-up today and get to know other Gashland ladies better. Questions? Contact women@gashland.org

Cornhole Extravaganza! | March 2nd

Cornhole Extravaganza! Everyone is invited to the Ministry Center March 2nd from 6:30-8:30 for our first annual Cornhole Extravaganza. We will play cornhole and have some great snacks and refreshments. We are very excited to spend some time with each other as a church family! Please come join in the fun, we will have something for all ages. Contact Relationships Team at relationships@gashland.org with any questions.

Mother/Daughter Tea | March 17th

One area of emphasis for our church this year is on family discipleship. As a part of that we are hosting quarterly parent/child events to provide a fun event but also offer times to discuss God’s Word. We are excited to host our first event which is a Mother/Daughter Tea! We will be hosting this on Sunday, March 17 from 3:30 – 5:00pm in the Fellowship Hall. This is for any moms, grandmas, or aunts with girls between the ages of 4 through 5th grade. The cost is $10 per family and you can register at https://gashland.org/mother-daughter-tea-registration/. (There is an additional $5 charge for each additional adult guest.) Please rsvp by Friday, March 8. This is open to any girls ages 4 through 5th grade so if you are a grandma or aunt who has a granddaughter or niece who doesn’t go to church at Gashland, we would still love to have you join us! Contact discipleship@gashland.org with any questions!

Endowment Fund | End of Year Report

The Endowment Fund here at GEPC was created in 1993 with a goal of reaching $125,000 through contributions and investments. In the summer of 2020 the Finance Team began a new concentrated effort to make the congregation more aware of the existence of the Endowment Fund and what it could do for the future of the church once the $125,000 threshold goal is reached. Future Endowment income can relieve pressure on the churches annual operating budget in a variety of different ways. As of 12/31/23 the balance of the Endowment Fund was $69,175, a dollar gain of +$18,911 and a percentage gain of +27.3% over the end of 2022. The Endowment Fund now sits at 55.34% of our goal of $125,000. THANK YOU GASHLAND! Other then direct contributions to the Endowment Fund throughout each calendar year, the easiest way to invest in the future of Gashland is to include a donation to the Endowment Fund through your wills and trusts. Contact Finance Team at finance@gashland.org with any questions. -The Endowment Fund Committee

Stations of the Cross

During Lent, we will have 12 works of art displayed around the church by artist Scott Erickson, all portraying a station of the cross. The Stations of the Cross began as a pilgrimage through Jerusalem of all the places Jesus visited in the 40 days leading up to His death, culminating with the tomb where He was buried and then resurrected. These works are depictions of those places, and what Jesus said and did there. We encourage you to spend some time with them as you are able, allowing them to aid you in seeing the story of Lent and Holy Week afresh, and drawing you into a more intimate relationship with Jesus. There are booklets available on the lobby tables and in the back of the Ministry Center with questions and Scriptures to help guide you through each station and reflect on the Lent and the Easter story. There will be an event later in March where you’ll be able to come and work through the stations with others as well, so keep an eye out for that date in a future Link announcement! Contact Ellie McGinty at ellie@gashland.org with any questions.

Support the Work of the EPC

Gashland is a member of our denomination Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) and the Mid-America Presbytery. Gashland benefits from our association each year. Our Pastor and Leaders are engaged, participate and are committed to their growth and health. To help offset the costs of EPC and the Presbytery, member churches are asked to voluntarily contribute each year. That support is called Per Member Asking. This is not a tax….it is voluntary. While the calculation of the estimated contribution has changed slightly, the total cost for their operations is still approximately $38 per member for all members of all member churches. Gashland contributes $38/member for all of our members by making four quarterly payments throughout the year. Our 2024 balanced budget assumes that most of our members will voluntarily contribute $38/member or $76/couple. If you would like to offset the contribution we give on your behalf, please consider making a contribution today. Please add “Per Member Asking” to your check or giving device. Or, select ‘Per Member Asking’ on your Tithely app. We are grateful for your consideration. Contact finance@gashland.org with any questions.