Kathy Welch
Office Administrator


Thank you for your interest in using Gashland EPC’s facilities as the location for your event or group meeting. Gashland EPC is always open to fostering new relationships within our community through events and group meetings held on our grounds!

Please read all steps and directions carefully as you fill out the request form online. If you have any questions, please contact me during my office hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 am-3:00 pm at 816.436.3583.


Kathy Welch

Gashland EPC Office Administrator

816.436.3583 | kathy@gashland.org

Steps to Complete A Facility Use Request

  1. Review available dates and times over the phone or in person with the Office Administrator during office hours (M-F 9:00 am-3:00 pm).
  2. Review Facility Use Policy, then submit facility use form online at http://www.gashland.org/facilityuse at any time or in person with the Office Administrator during office hours.
  3. Provide the required Security Deposit and final payment to the Office Administrator in person within two business days of submitting Facility Use Request form during office hours.
  4. You will receive a reservation confirmation via email with the dates and times of your event from the Office Administrator once the deposit and final payment are received.

Facility Use Policies

  • You are solely responsible for the setup and clean up (sweeping, mopping, wiping down of all tables & chairs, and taking all trash out to the dumpster) for your event. This includes setup and cleanup of chairs and tables. Church staff is prohibited from assisting with setup or clean up.
  • If you use one of Gashland EPC’s coolers, you must clean it and leave the top off the cooler to dry in the place you found it.
  • Any church equipment used needs to be returned to its proper place once you are done.
  • Catering is not provided by the church; you must make your own arrangements.
  • Children under 18 years must be supervised by an adult at all times and are not allowed to wander the facility alone.
  • Thermostats are pre-programmed, any group or individual using our facilities agrees not to tamper or adjust.
  • Outdoor banners or signs of any type
  • Balloons inside building
  • Hay or straw bales inside building
  • Alcoholic beverages (In the event that the applicant, or attendee of the applicant’s event, is found with or under the influence of alcohol or drugs they will be asked to leave the premises immediately. If necessary, law enforcement will be contacted. Violations of this policy will result in your deposit being forfeited.)
  • Smoking
  • Only dripless candles in containers, or electronic candles are allowed in church facilities
  • Pets (Service dogs do not fall under this restriction.)
  • Red drinks
  • Food or drink in the sanctuary
  • Food or drink during athletic events (other than hydration for athletes)
  • Craft painting, unless authorized prior to your event and with adult supervision
  • No posters, flyers, paintings, etc., may be affixed to the walls of the building unless appropriate temporary mounting adhesive is used and approval is granted from the Coordinating Team through the Office Administrator. No pins, nails, staples or screws may be used. All Props and Decor must be reviewed by our Office Administrator and Coordinating Team for approval. Please provide a photo via email to facilityuse@gashland.org or in person.
  • The Facilities of GEPC are intended to be used to the fullest in keeping with the purpose of the church to attain maximum benefits to its congregation and the community to which it ministers.  GEPC reserves the right to cancel any facility use which conflicts with ministry needs (e.g., funeral service). 
  • Users of facilities will include individuals, non-profit organizations, and members of GEPC. The first priority in assigning usage rights goes to all GEPC regularly scheduled worship services, ministry-sponsored events, and GEPC groups and classes.
  • GEPC facilities are not to be used for campaigning by candidates for political office.
  • Fees, occupancy loads, and seating capacities are noted in the request form. Rooms will be assigned to you/your group based on the intended use of the room, the number of attendees and the number of tables and chairs needed and/or type of activity being held.
  • Parking: There are 140 parking spaces available; if additional parking is needed it is the responsibility of the applicant to secure parking for your event.
  • A GEPC Facility Manager is required to be on-site during the time of any scheduled event. You must sign-in and sign-out with the Facility Manager on duty. GEPC uses a security alarm system which is disarmed and armed by Staff only.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to vacate by the agreed to “The Event Cleanup Time” or you will be charged $100.00 per hour until you are signed out by the Facility Manager.
  • Each room must be restored to its “prior to use” condition before exiting the facility. An additional fee of $100 per hour, if clean up is required, will be charged or be deducted from your deposit if rooms are not returned to their original condition.
  • The applicant and attendees will have access to the common areas on the same level rented (e.g., hallways, restrooms, drinking fountains) but will not be allowed to enter into other rooms or levels of the building that have not been reserved in advance.
  • Any non-GEPC group that collects an admission fee or otherwise offers products for sale (e.g., auction, individual vending table) will be considered non-member for fee assessment.
  • Any setup or teardown time will be charged by the hour for Facility Manager assessment.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-3:00 PM

Evening Hours: Monday-Friday 6:00 PM-9:00 PM Saturday 9:00 AM -9:00 PM

Requests for facility use outside Office and Evening Hours may be made but are subject to availability of Facility Manager and may require additional fees. Any event which exceeds original agreed “end time” will incur additional fees.

  • To reserve a room or date, complete this online facility request application and provide the designated deposit and full payment in person within two business days of submission during the Office Administrator’s Office Hours (M-F 9:00 am-3:00 pm). Members and non-members are required to provide the security deposit and full payment to secure your date or room reservation no matter what fees are required.  After hours requests will be responded to the next business day.
  • No reservation for an event or room will be authorized or approved unless deposit is received and full payment within two business days of submitting this form.
  • All facility requests are reviewed by the Office Administrator and/or the Coordinating Team for compatibility with GEPC’s intended use before the approval of a reservation.
  • To reserve the facility for more than a month, the first payment is due with the deposit. For each additional month of use, payment is due on the 1st of each month. The official reservation date will be scheduled at the time it has been approved and the deposit is made. 
  • Deposits are normally refunded within 14 business days following the use of the facility. Refunds are contingent upon rooms being restored to its “prior to use” condition, per Staff member review. Any additional fees will be deducted from the deposit.
  • The following are events/holidays during which church facilities are not available for reservation or event scheduling: Sunday Worship, Regularly Scheduled Church/Ministry Events and Group Meetings, New Year’s Day, MLK Day, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Vacation Bible School.

By signing the facility use request form you express understanding that this event is in no way affiliated with Gashland EPC or the Ministry Teams at GEPC and as such is not eligible for promotions in Gashland EPC’s Sunday Link announcements, our website, our Wednesday Link announcements, our website’s calendar, social media sites, signup tables on Sunday, posters, bulletins and any flyers. Outdoor banners or signs of any kind are not permitted. Slide show announcements and any other promotional/communication items etc. through our Media Director are also not available. You take on full responsibility for all invitations and event communications to guests & attendees of your event/group meeting and GEPC is in no way obligated or responsible for assisting you with creation, distribution, and gathering of contact information or promotion of communications for your event/group meeting. Non-GEPC events may be eligible for promotion on our Common Place Bulletin board, pending Coordinating Team approval. 

Applicant is responsible for notifying Office Administrator of any changes or adjustments to event time and facility use needs at least one (1) week before event to allow GEPC Teams ample time to make any necessary changes or provisions for your event details and needs. If we do not receive notice of cancellation at least one (1) week prior to the scheduled event, your deposit will be subject to forfeiture.