Serve Day 410

November 2022 | Written by Maribeth Griessel

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” – I Peter 4:10

       And thus SERVE DAY 4:10 was born!  As stated in the flyer encouraging Gashland members to participate, this was a new opportunity to “gather as a church family to serve organizations and neighbors within our surrounding area.”  Saturday, October 1st, was selected as the date, and God blessed all of the volunteers with picture-perfect weather.  Nearly 70 people, from barely above toddler age to senior retirees, with all ages in between, met at the church at 8:30 a.m. to begin an amazing morning of service.

       GEPC family members were encouraged to select the area and type of activities that best suited their interests and abilities.  After enjoying pastries and coffee, Caleb Mason, Director of Students and Outreach, welcomed the crew and prayed for God to bless all of the activities, and the volunteers fanned out.  The locations and types of service were:

  • Cooking a meal for a neighborhood family
  • Raking leaves and mulching at a neighbor’s home
  • Window washing at Gashland Elementary School
  • Baking cookies to deliver to Fire Station 38 and the Gashland Elementary Faculty
  • A Turning Point (homeless shelter in Gladstone) helping with variety of indoor needs
  • Arts/Crafts and Letters for Anew Living Center and Gashland Elementary School
  • Anew Living Center, playing BINGO, serving cake and coffee, and decorating
  • Community Garden construction

      Several of our volunteers shared about their experiences on SERVE DAY 410.  Melissa Cable worked organizing and stocking the food pantry at A Turning Point, and explained where the idea originated for this volunteer day, “This event was actually the brain child of my home church, something I’ve been wanting to see here at Gashland for years.  The women’s team initiated the idea but then realized this was bigger and needed in more than just women’s ministry.  The timing of Caleb’s new role was perfect.”

       Lyn and Don Vande Polder both reported to Anew Living Center, where they assisted with BINGO games, putting up fall decorations, serving refreshments, visiting with residents and planting flowers. Lyn discussed the importance of this ministry, “Since I’ve lived six hours away from my 87 year old mother, I like to help the elderly, because I know my mom often has needed help from others.”  Don added his feelings of being blessed “by the thankfulness of the residents we met, and seeing their loneliness and maybe we helped just a little bit.”

       Two of our youngest SERVE DAY 410 participants enjoyed working alongside their parents.  Madison Stewart shared, “Since Gary and I have two preschoolers, we knew our day would likely be less about tangible results and more about discipleship.  We wanted to invite our girls into stretching that spiritual muscle, demonstrating to them that their gifts are needed.  When asked if she remembered this service day, Rosie thought for a moment and then replied, ‘Sometimes people don’t have others to love on them.  We made cards to love on those who need it.’  We found this to be an amazing chance to be the hands and feet of Christ.”  Michael, Lacey and three year old Asher Morefield worked at Gashland Elementary School.  Lacey reported, “We washed windows (Asher loved the squeegie!), picked up trash around the school and wiped down the playground equipment.  There truly is more joy in the giving than receiving.”

       Melinda Settles and her daughter Addy served in making a dinner for a local family, stating, “Addy and I enjoy doing things for others.  We thought it would be great to help someone in the Gashland community.  I feel very blessed because I was able to help serve a family that I have taught 4 of the kiddos.  This was a great way to connect with one another.”

       SERVE DAY 410 blessed not only the many individuals and organizations that Gashland served, it also truly blessed each participant.  The beauty was that the program was designed so that anyone could take part….there were some activities that the youngest children could join in, indoor projects for anyone unable to work outside, areas for all (or no) skill levels.  There is a Christian song entitled “Blessed To Be a Blessing”, and if ever a project demonstrated this truth it was 410.  If you were one of our (almost) 70 volunteers, please plan to return for the next service day.  If you did not participate, please consider joining in sometime in the future.  And if you have any suggestions for a facility, family or location that would benefit from some volunteer time, please pass your ideas along to Caleb at


“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another”