My Prayer

March 2022 | Written by Maribeth Griessel

This piece is number four of a five piece sacred song cycle, entitled

“Song of Mary.”


Lord God, Jehovah, hear me as I pray,

can there not be another way

to bring the world salvation, atonement for all sin?

Why must my son pay the price, the debts of other men?

He’s served You well, dear Father,

obeyed each of Your commands,

cleansed the lepers, healed the lame,

by merely stretching out His hands.

Lord God, Jehovah, my son has done Your will,

He can glorify You still,

if You’ll but spare His life,

make long His days on earth.

Why must my Jesus pay the price,

for those of little worth?

He’s calmed the stormy waters,

and made the blind to see.

He’s even brought the dead to life,

from demons, set men free.

Lord, God, Jehovah, forgive my foolish plea

to keep Jesus from the tree.

I bore Him that He should die. Eternity is just begun.

But how can I give Him up to You?

My child…my firstborn Son!