International Missions:

Testimony from Egypt

February 2023 | Edited by Steve Moberg

The following article is a testimonial from a pastor in Egypt, who has worked with Dr. Kameel Kilada, one of the missionaries GEPC has supported for a number of years. This pastor, whose name we are not using so as to not jeopardize the safety of his family or ministry, has been deeply impacted by his studies at the seminary as well as by his personal friendship with Kameel.

      I had the privilege of being raised in a pastor’s family, and I was deeply impacted by the life and ministry of my godly father.  When he died of complications resulting from an accident, I knew the Lord was asking me to step up and take his place in serving God’s people as a pastor. I enrolled in Bible College in Upper Egypt in 2018 and at the same time was given a village church to pastor.

      During my second year of studies, Dr. Kameel Kilada came to Egypt to begin a Master’s Degree Program in connection with the Bible College. My fellow students and I were allowed to take the courses he was offering in conjunction with our own college-level Bible classes. I have continued with these post-graduate studies and am looking forward to graduating on the 17th of March this year. These courses have been challenging me deeply, not only intellectually, but also spiritually, and as I told Dr. Kameel, they are changing the way I pastor my church!

      Two of the required courses especially impacted my life. One of them was on the subject of “Worship and the Church.” It helped me examine what true worship really looks like, both as an individual believer and also what it means for the Body of Christ in corporate worship.  It has really changed my life and how I approach the Lord!

      The capstone of the Master’s Degree Program is to write a thesis on a topic that has become of interest to me during these years of study.  One of the courses Dr. Kameel offered was on the subject of “Technology and the Church.” I was deeply convicted as he challenged us to a lifestyle of integrity in our use of technology on a personal level, not just in ministry.  Most Egyptians live on very limited incomes, so it is not always possible for us to purchase expensive apps that can be useful in our daily lives.  Consequently, many Christians have made it a common practice to acquire them free of charge from websites that do not require licensing.  I was doing this myself.  I also saw how others like me have been allowing social media to take over our lives and keep us from using our time wisely.  After hearing what Dr. Kameel was telling us about using technology in a manner that honors the Lord, I was led to confess my sin to Him and to change the way I acquire and use these tools.  This then inspired me to do a study on technology and how it affects God’s people as well as to explore ways to teach them how to use it for the glory of God, both on the individual level and as a ministry tool.  I am looking forward to using what I have learned to disciple the people in my church in this important area of their lives.  Dr. Kameel has also asked me to teach the material I am currently researching for my thesis to seminary students in the near future.

      Last year I was called to pastor my late father’s church in a large city.  It is a great privilege as well as a huge responsibility to stand behind the same pulpit where he ministered.  Dr. Kameel also invited me to accept a part-time administrative position with the school that has now become a four-year Theological Seminary.  I am responsible for maintaining its IT equipment and creating and updating the school’s website.

     Along with pastoring and working with Dr. Kameel, my greatest ministry is to my family.  I am married and have two small children whom I hope to raise up to love and serve the Lord.  

     In closing, I am asking for prayer for my wife who is suffering from severe back pain and may be facing surgery in the near future.  I am also asking you to pray that we will be a godly example to our congregation through our marriage and our family life.