Canon: Part 1

February 2024 | Written by Lake McGinty

     “Canon” was a project that began in early 2023. After struggling to stay up to date on the Scripture Reading Plan the first few months of 2023, I searched for renewed motivation to abide in God’s Word. I chose to challenge myself to write a short single stanza for each book of the Bible by the end of the year. My hope was that by December 31st it would provide grounds for me to read through the entirety of the Bible and have thought deeply enough about it to enable a primary theme or summary of each book to come to the front. 

     Some of the concepts arose after hearing the messages on the New Testament books covered in “The Bookshelf” sermon series, others came during morning devotions, still others appeared as I listened to the Word read in the Scripture Reading Dinners, but all ultimately were collected into this long form poem titled “Canon.” Canon is the word used in Greek to refer to the rule or reed by which we measure something. In this case, the rule is the Bible itself, being our sufficient and complete revelation to know God, be united to Him in Christ, and to live a life accordingly. 

      This year, each month, in collaboration with the provided Bible Reading Plan and Scripture Reading Dinners, a selection of the stanzas will be provided in The Porch to aid in your own personal study and contemplation of the planned passages. While not intended to be complete summaries, nor in- depth theological exegesis, they strive to be faithful to the book itself in communicating its purpose, message, theme, or content. 

As we read through the Word together this year, maybe ask yourself a few questions, like: In what ways could I challenge myself to better engage with God’s Word? What creative methods might I incorporate to grapple with the Scriptures? Perhaps journal your thoughts, or draw, or write down questions you still have. Or maybe, try your hand at poetry. 

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All earthly realm made good gone sour

 as man concurred in tempter’s hour. 

But God remains his faithful three 

 and covenants a family tree. 


His people grow and are enslaved,

 but by their promised God are saved

“I your God, you wanderers mine,

 be a nation by my design.”


A Priesthood made to bridge divides

 to God, who with you now abides.

“My law and liberty are one.”

 By sacrifice sin stains not one.


A Son of Man, the life he gave,

 and by a death mankind forgave.

By word, healing, patience, story

 here he brings his kingdom glory.


This patience, peace, kindness, & grace,

 faith and goodness should set the pace, 

act as an active aid for us,

 together bind us all in trust. 


A new and true reality

 at war with sin’s mortality. 

Though weak, still we are called to fight,

 resourced against the raging night. 


Though we witness what sin destroys,

 there’s delight in biblical joys.

In promise, plan, people and place,

 we can rejoice in his embrace. 


As it was written, so it was,

 a priest who came with humble cause,

the promised one of prophecy,

 a king who reigns eternally.