Breakaway Field Days!

July 2023 | Written by Steve Moberg

     Gashland hosted our annual Breakaway Field Days the week of June 5. Laura Cooper oversaw the week’s activities and said, “We had 92 kids register this year – that’s slightly more than we had last year.  And, we had 62 volunteers who served to help make Breakaway a success this year.”

      Laura said she was thankful for how well the week went.  “The highlight for me is always seeing how much fun the kids are having.  Seeing so many smiling faces as kids are hearing the gospel is such a joy!”  Laura also enjoyed Breakaway on a more personal level.  “Our granddaughter told her mom, ‘I want to learn more about God,’ after attending for the week, so that was especially meaningful.”

       This year’s attendees were given an extra opportunity to learn about God, according to Laura.  “We were able to add a lesson ‘station’ to the schedule this year so that gave kids more dedicated time to hear the daily lesson and engage with the message in a more meaningful, personal way. Michael did a phenomenal job leading those daily lessons and always found a fun activity to help convey the daily theme, so I have faith that many kids left the week wanting to ‘learn more about God!’”

      If you have a youngster who missed out on attending Breakaway this year, Laura said, “I would highly recommend that parents send their kids to Breakaway next summer. The kids will have fun and might even make some new friends. I think it’s the perfect way to kick off the summer!” She added, “We have a good balance of high-energy activities and calmer activities too. The kids enjoy an energetic kickoff and halftime along with two field day type games, but they also have time to be a bit calmer at the daily craft station and lesson station.” If you missed your chance to help out this year, think about signing up next year. “I would strongly encourage people of all ages to volunteer. It really is energizing to see these kids having fun and being excited about the daily lesson or remembering their Bible verse for the day.” 

     A lot of hard work was put in by Laura and her team of volunteers, but after the week was over, it was worth all the effort. “I just feel blessed that we are able to host an event like this at our church. It’s such a gift for the children of our church as well as the children of our surrounding community. God blessed us with the perfect weather for the week, and with a team of faithful volunteers who poured their hearts into making the week a success. I am so very thankful for that!”