Student Stories

February 2021

“This year’s winter retreat was so much fun. We did escape rooms, team building, bowling, played in the snow, and a whole lot more. We all look forward to all the fun activities we get to do but that’s not the main reason we are there. We come to the retreat to grow closer together as a family and to find a deeper love for Christ. Caleb’s lessons this year focused on the importance of prayer, helping others with their burdens, reaching out to those who don’t know Christ and creating deeper relationships. We reflected on the limits of our sacrifices to God and discussed what a family should look like. I think I can speak for everyone when I say this year’s Winter Retreat made us stop and think about the changes we need to make to our daily lives so that we can glorify God.”

 – Hayley Beaver

“Over this past year God has just given me so many great experiences to grow closer to him and the youth group as a whole. We started out the year with my first Winter Retreat where I was able to get away from school and my home life to come worship him. Then COVID struck and I got discouraged for a little bit and then summer came and we got to go to Snowbird. This was my first year going to SWO, and it just gave me an escape and a way to grow closer to him. It was just a week to refresh and grow closer to him. After that I just felt so encouraged to spread the word and take action with my faith. This past weekend we had another winter retreat and I just took it as a really great opportunity to slow down and grow closer to God and the youth group.” 

– Elise McCall