Look to the Cross

April 2022 | Written by Maribeth Griessel

I would like to take you on a journey, to a city called Jerusalem,

two thousand years ago.

            See it … feel it … with me.


The clouds dance wildly across the sky,

            portraying some unseen fury.

Jesus of Nazareth is sentenced to die,

            a crazed mob His judge and jury.

Look to the cross, see it, He drags it up a dusty, rocky road.

   Look to the cross, feel it, He stumbles beneath its bitter load.


Follow me to the place of the skull, called Golgotha.

Look… Mary, His mother, bows in grief,

            feeling each blow of the hammer,

            her beloved Son next to a thief.

Look to the cross, feel it, the pain, driving nails through His hands.

   Look to the cross, see it, the suffering our sin demands.


Watch with me.


The sky black as night, the wind whips the trees.

            God’s anger surely matches Christ’s pain.

As life slowly ebbs, His blood flows freely,

            each drop erasing sin’s ugly stain.

Look to the cross, see it, don’t turn your eyes aside.

   Look to the cross, feel it, for there our Savior died.


Look to the cross, believe Him, feel His great love for you and me.

   Look to the cross, receive Him, and live eternally.