Local Missions: Eleos Ministries

February 2023 | Edited by Steve Moberg

This month our local missions focus is on Eleos Ministries, which serves the community along Independence Avenue in Northeast Kansas City, and is where we get the coffee which is served during the fellowship time between services on Sunday mornings.  Director Dan Smith gives us an update on his organization’s ministry.

      While there are many other faith-based shelters and social services organizations, Eleos Coffee House plays a unique role in providing a place for the neighborhood to gather and interact. Our ministry has a special emphasis on serving the homeless population, however, we are observing an increasing number of residents joining us. The Old Northeast is a historic and complex part of our city with a diverse, economically struggling population. 

      The gospel is our primary purpose for existence. We ask staff and volunteers to look for opportunities to plant and water seeds of the gospel as much as possible. We prioritize the demonstration of and verbal proclamation of the good news of Christ. His work for us on the cross and resurrection is our only hope for a relationship with God and the foundation for a life that is lived free of sin’s chains and destructiveness.

      Our daily Bible study seeks to connect all of scripture to the story of redemption through the gospel. Our conversations with the needy are founded on the absolute necessity of the gospel to help us move out of chaotic, destructive patterns to a new life of purpose and participation in kingdom work. Our approach is to connect with people in our coffee house in an organic way that fosters on-going relationships that will provide opportunities for gospel conversations. While we continually see new clients from different areas of Kansas City as well as other parts of the country, we continue to minister to individuals we met 11 years ago when our coffee house opened. 

     The ultimate goal is to see people embrace the gospel and get connected with one of two local churches that are faithfully serving here in the Northeast (Life Connection and Central Baptist). We want people to transition out of homeless, dysfunctional and destructive lifestyles, but our primary prayer is that they be made new in Christ. A successful year is one that we look back on and can say that we did everything we could to be faithful to living out, speaking of, and inviting to the gracious provision of God through Christ for our salvation and transformed life.

Eleos Director Dan Smith Leading a Bible Study at the Coffee House