Lily Brink

May 2022 | Written by Maribeth Griessel

     Allow us to introduce to you a special young volunteer at Gashland, Miss dot-dash-dot-dot, dot-dot, dot-dash-dot-dot, dash-dot-dash-dash.  Hopefully you have no problem reading her name, but in the event that you might need a bit of assistance: dot-dash-dot-dot = “L”; dot-dot = “I”, another dot-dash-dot-dot “L”, and finally dash-dot-dash-dash = “Y”, or Lily, (as in Lillian Hope Brink.) More about this unusual introduction later!

     Approximately 7-8 years ago Lily’s family was seeking a new church home in the Northland, and, upon visiting Gashland, felt that our church demonstrated the strong biblical teaching and preaching that they were seeking. A year later Lillian completed the membership class here.

      Miss Brink was born in Ft. Wayne, IN, where she lived until age six, when her family moved to Liberty, MO. She graduated from Faith Christian Academy, which was formerly located near North Kansas City Hospital, until they moved to a new location farther north on Cookingham Drive. During her high school years, Lily especially enjoyed studying apologetics and philosophy.

      Following her graduation, she moved to Kirksville, MO, attending Truman State University and earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Favorite college classes included money and banking, as well as the study of historic courtroom trials. Lillian secured her current position after completing her degree, approximately a year and a half ago, and is pleased to be employed as an analyst with the Kansas City Federal Reserve, located near the World War I Memorial.

     Lily’s parents and two sisters are also active members of GEPC.  Her father, Mike is employed as a consultant in the business world, serves on a team of adult Sunday School teachers at Gashland, and was formerly an elder on the Worship Team.  Her mother, Amy, in addition to being a full-time homemaker, also coaches track at Faith Christian Academy.  Lily’s sister, Abigail, is a student at Truman State, studying to become a nurse.  Her youngest sister, Caroline, is a senior at Faith Christian this year, and will follow her older sisters’ school choice when she, too, moves to Kirksville next fall to attend college with a thus far undecided major.  The remaining two family members are two little rescues, Huck and Finn, who are Chihuahua terrier mixes.

      A participant in the 20’s group, a community/Bible study group, Lily also serves on the Worship Team.  A couple of times per month she sings, helping Ellie McGinty lead worship during the 2nd service.  In addition, she is a member of the Outreach Committee.  As such, she is heavily involved with a new program, “Care Portal”, explaining, “Kathy Ellis has worked for Care Portal and thought it would be a good idea for Gashland to become involved.  CP is a platform that connects people in our community who have a need with churches in the area who can help fulfill that need and build relationships.”  When asked why she chose to become involved in these areas, she responded, “As to the Worship Team, Ellie was new last summer and there was an opportunity for me to be helpful, even though it was something I didn’t have a lot of experience in.  Outreach….I wanted to get involved, I thought it would be important, specifically at a time when I don’t have a family or kids, I have more time for using my gifts for the church.  I’m passionate about serving people in the community, so outreach was a good fit for me.”

      Lily relishes many interests….she loves travel, particularly the mountains and road trips, and she has journeyed to Greece, Italy, the United Kingdom and France.  She is in her second year working with her mother, Amy, as an assistant track coach at Faith Christian Academy.  She enjoys outdoor walks, especially in the spring as the flowers and trees are budding.  She is interested in discussing and reading about politics and philosophy, and likes to dance, play piano and sing.  She is currently training for a “Tough Mudder”….a 5K with obstacles throughout, and appropriately, a lot of mud!

      An avid reader, Lillian lists among her favorites “East of Eden” by John Steinbeck, “Lonesome Dove” by Larry McMurtry, and all of the “Anne of Green Gables” novels.  Currently she is reading “God of the Garden” by Andrew Peterson, and gives a shout out to The Porch, where she first learned of this book.  When not reading, she is almost equally engrossed by good movies, citing favorites “Little Women” (the new 2019 version); “Steel Magnolias” and “The Lord of the Rings”.

      With her preferred colors of yellow and purple, we believe Miss Brink would fit right in with the lovely spring colors she sees blooming in beautiful clumps of pansies.

      An interesting closing we attempt for several articles in The Porch is to persuade our interviewees to share with us something either unusual about themselves or something our readers would be quite surprised to discover.  So as promised, we will explain all of those dots and dashes in the first paragraph above.  Hopefully we can safely assume those of you reading about Lily Brink recognized that these patterns of dots and dashes equate to Morse Code, as sent on the old telegraphs.  And, no, your journalist has little to no knowledge of this skill, but it seems Miss Lillian Hope Brink is an expert, and would you believe since early elementary school?  Wow!!  We are impressed!  And of course there’s a story there.  During her younger years Lily enjoyed really physical things (actually she still does!), and decided she wanted to grow up to become a professional spy!  She had no doubts that being proficient in Morse Code would be a big bonus in meeting this goal.  Not sure she ever became a spy, but you might want to keep a careful guard on your private business!