International Missions:

Philippine Gospel Association

March 2023 | Edited by Steve Moberg

This month’s international missions focus is on the Philippine Gospel Association, where Linda Faith Q. Balugo serves as International Director.  

      One of the volunteers in the PGA’s children’s ministry in Maghaway is Jenecel Echavez, who grew up attending the Bible classes on weekends.  During the pandemic, Linda saw Jenecel’s Facebook post on how she misses the children’s activities due to the lockdown. “When I saw her post and talked to her through Facebook messenger, I was so happy to hear about her testimony. Truly, God’s Word will not go in vain. We planted the seed and now we are seeing the fruits with these young ladies whose lives God has transformed and are now serving Him.”  In addition to Jenecel, ladies named Marjorie, Geraldine and Ritchelle have been serving as volunteer teachers for a year now.

     Some background on Jenecel before we hear her testimony:  Her parents worked hard to provide the family a decent house and send her to school. Her father climbs coconut trees on their farm to collect palm bud juice to make the native coconut wine (“tuba”) and sell it in the market for a living. Jenecel went to college and has been a consistent scholar.  She graduated cum laude last year with a Bachelor of Education degree.  She and her family were also one of the recipients of the relief and calamity aid sent by donors like you through ANM after the roof of their house was blown away after typhoon Odette in December 2021.

Here is Jenecel’s testimony:

     Every one of us has their own testimony on how we see the goodness and greatness of the Lord. The Lord God Almighty sent his son to the world to save us from sin. Today, let me share my Testimony. I was one of the children before who received gifts from PGA (Philippine Gospel Association) where they built a ministry in our place which is the Maghaway in Cebu, Philippines. PGA is one of the reasons why I learned some verses before and thanks to our teacher “Kuya Jason”. They shared a lot of the word of God with us. God is really great and his plan is very perfect, that PGA is one of the instruments that God used to share his good news. In Mark 10:14 it says “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Indeed, this ministry enlightens me and brings me into this life today. I witness a lot of work, gifts, blessings to God. I accept God as my personal savior. He is my all. Without God I am nothing, I will not be here today. God changed me into a new creation. I am born again. As I walk in this journey of my life, Jesus is always my priority. I commit and confess all to him because I know God will guide me and bring me into the best one.

      Now, I’m glad to share with all of you that I’m part of the Praise and Worship in my church. I’m also a Sunday school teacher. In my church, we also give Samaritan’s boxes. I personally thank the PGA that they contributed to my life to know Jesus, and today’s life is thanks to Jesus. I’m really hoping that the PGA will be back soon.  In my life, I will always praise God for what he gives me.

                 -Echavez, Jenecel