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The Arcos

April 2023 | Edited by Steve Moberg

Francesco and Claudia Arco lead a ministry in Italy, which Gashland helps support. Over the latter part of last year, a new family started visiting the Arcos’ church in Genova.  The family came from Bordighera, a town on the Riviera, just a few miles from the French border. After the head of the family, Giuseppe, was discipled by Francesco (through a study of the third chapter of the Gospel of John), he surrendered his life to Christ. Here’s more information from the Arcos about the path taken by Giuseppe (which translates to Joseph in English).  

     The 33-year-old Giuseppe is an Italian who lives in Bordighera with his family. His wife Dayana (27) is Cuban and his children are named Angelo (8), Thiago (5), and Rebecca (2). Giuseppe, who was born into a Sicilian family of Catholic tradition, lived a happy childhood. He became a worker specializing in installing exterior and interior fixtures and, a few years ago, he opened his own company with six workers.

     In his youth, in addition to working, he had the company of friends and spent his free time between entertainment and various juvenile transgressions. He was not interested in God. Indeed, due to the hypocrisy he saw in the Catholic clergy, Giuseppe developed a certain lack of interest in Christian spirituality.

     About ten years ago, he met Dayana, who had just moved from Cuba. She had been a believer for many years, but in Italy she had a cooling of faith and an estrangement from the church. Joseph and Dayana got married eight years ago and continued to live their family life without being particularly interested in God.  But three years ago, Dayana felt compelled by the Holy Spirit and began to study the Bible again. She followed biblical teachings on the internet and, little by little, she consecrated herself to the Lord and shared her faith with Joseph. Gradually, he began to read the Bible, but still had not completely surrendered his life to God.

     Then Giuseppe and Dayana began to look for a church near them. Unfortunately, that area is the least reached by the Gospel – there are few churches in northwestern Italy, and they don’t have a good doctrine. Eventually, they came into contact with the Arcos’ church, which is about 80 miles away.  

     Francesco says “As soon as we met them, we truly saw the love of Christ. We welcomed them among us and since September 2022, we have been following them with disci

pleship. Despite the distance, they manage to be present and active in the church. When I began discipleship with Joseph, despite the fact that he was already very close to the Lord, he recognized himself as Nicodemus when we studied John chapter 3. He still did not have a living hope in the Gospel, but after two or three months, the Holy Spirit worked in Joseph to bring him to a clear confession of faith.  His thoughts, reasoning, words and actions change day by day.  He is living, together with his family, to glorify God. His children are rejoicing in having a father who loves God, as well as them.  He continues to grow in faith – his enthusiasm and joy in the Lord is infecting the whole church.”

      Francesco goes on to say that “once a month we have a meeting at their home, hoping to involve their neighbors and we are praying for the possibility of a church being born in their town.  We thank God for the great miracle of new life in Christ.”  Francesco thinks of Philippians 1:6 when he says “we are joyful and confident that God will bring to completion the good work begun in Joseph”.

      And he closed his message with a note to the people of Gashland:  “I sincerely thank you for your fraternal love and your great service to the Lord.  A big hug in Christ from Francesco and Claudia.”


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