Inasmuch: Helps Team

October 2021 | Written by Maribeth Griessel defines stewardship as “the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving.”  In Matthew 25:40, Jesus gave us a precious promise, “…inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these, my brothers, you did it to me.”  In coming issues of The Porch we will focus on various areas of stewardship, opportunities to serve within our church, knowing that our service to others is truly service to Jesus himself. 

For October, we are offering a look at a widely seen, but perhaps little understood, ministry, The Helps Team.  Five members comprise this very important group, though (hopefully) dozens make up the sub-groups they oversee.

Four areas are the primary services provided by the Helps Team, and each is organized so that the volunteers commit to only one Sunday (or Wednesday) per month.  Job skills/experience requirements are minimal to non-existent, though rewards are great!  Age limits span anyone from teenaged to well into senior citizenship, meaning just about anyone qualifies.  Glenn Tott said of the Helps Team, “We make things happen!  This service strengthens my relationship with our church and congregation.”

     1.  FirsTeam

Perhaps the most visual of these four areas is the FirsTeam (also known as greeters).  These are the first, always smiling, faces who meet each person as they enter the building on Sunday mornings.  FirsTeam needs 4 volunteers for the early service and 5-6 for the second service, or ideally 10 volunteers per week.  These VIPs report for duty at either 8:00 (1st service) or 10:30 (2nd service.)  What better way to make every person entering the building feel important and welcome?  Linda Reeve summed up her long-time service, “It’s a true blessing to be able to greet people as they enter.”

      2. Chair Set-Up  

Describing Chair Set-Up, Diane Fry clearly stressed its importance, “If it wasn’t for them, people would be sitting on the floor!”  And since that really isn’t an acceptable option, this group of volunteers meets from 7:30-8:30 each Sunday morning to set up chairs in the Ministry Center, in preparation for the second service, and requires the aid of 4 people.

        3. Coffee Service

Right up there in importance is the Coffee Service group, which is in need of 2 volunteers per week.  These hearty souls report for duty at 7:30 a.m. to make the coffee, and are then free to attend the early service if they choose. They work serving coffee and snacks prior to Sunday School, and complete their work with cleanup of the coffee prep area in the kitchen.  Debbie Failing explained, “Though often one of the five Helps Team members assists with the Coffee Service, we always hope to have 2 volunteers per Sunday.”

     4. Wednesday Night Team

The only volunteer group to serve on Wednesday is the valuable Conversations (or currently “Renewal: Wednesday Nights of Worship”) team, comprised of 3 individuals who cook the evening meal (when we are once again able to include this, as now it is desserts only), serve the food, clean the kitchen, and 3 who set up the chairs and tables, (those who are able stick around afterwards to take down) for a total of 6 people. 

Chris Stackpole quipped that the Helps Team is often referred to as the “Junk Drawer” (the nice name would be the kitchen drawer) of the church.  “We pick up wherever anyone needs help, whenever any group needs assistance with events, coordinating people and resources.”  When there is a fifth week, extra volunteers need to fill in.

As you can see, this “Little Engine That Could” group, the Helps Team, needs a minimum of 22 volunteers per week….BUT EACH PERSON ONLY SERVES ONE TIME PER MONTH, so that means 88 helpers per month. Can’t you spare 2-3 hours, only once a month?  Remember, INASMUCH!