Images Release Form

MM slash DD slash YYYY
I hereby authorize Gashland Presbyterian Church, a/k/a Gashland Evangelical Presbyterian Church (“GEPC”) to record and reproduce in written form or on audio or video tape, photographs, digital media or other media, photographs and videos and audio (“Images”) taken of me and any minor children and dependent members of my family in the Images, and our names, and to publish said Images and names for use in GEPC’s printed publications, website, and other marketing, outreach, and communication platforms.(Required)
I understand that once Images are published on GEPC’s website or another online platform, the Images can be downloaded by any computer user, anywhere in the world. I release GEPC from any expectation of confidentiality for me and my child/dependent related to the use of the Images and names associated with the Images.(Required)
*Minor children/dependents here are defined by the state of Missouri as any person under the age of 18 that you are legally responsible for.
I attest that I am the parent or legal guardian of the children and dependents listed above, and that I have the authority to authorize GEPC to use said Images and names.(Required)
I acknowledge that participation in printed publications, website, and other marketing, outreach, and communication platforms produced by GEPC is voluntary and confers no rights of ownership whatsoever, and no financial compensation is anticipated. I hereby release GEPC, officers, agents, leadership, contractors, and its employees from liability for any claims that I or my child/dependent have or may by reason of this release or the use or publication of the Images.(Required)
Entering your name and clicking "Submit" acts as your electronic signature. If at any point you wish to withdraw your consent for any reason, please contact the church office and we will take you off the list.