2022 Discipleship Emphasis: Spiritual Disciplines

Every year as a church we have a discipleship emphasis where we seek to grow as followers of Jesus. For 2022 our aim is to grow in spiritual disciplines. Spiritual disciplines are not things we do legalistically to earn God’s favor or to check off a daily box. Instead, spiritual disciplines are the fruit of our walk with Christ. They are habits of grace that through the power of the Holy Spirit help us to grow in our walk with Christ, to depend and trust on Jesus, to enjoy Jesus more deeply, and to become more like Christ, and to dwell in his presence more regularly. 

For this reason, we are encouraging you to start this journey with us through daily reading God’s Word. We have a recommended bible reading plan that can be found in the lobby and also below. And then throughout the course of the year we will be emphasizing a variety of other spiritual disciplines, offering opportunities to practice them, and seminars to learn about them.

Bible Reading Plan Download

Fasting Download