Did You Know?

Gashland Edition

February 2024 | Written by Maribeth Griessel

      “Well, all we can do now is pray.” How many of us have voiced this last-ditch platitude? Not that prayer is unimportant, quite the opposite! But it should be our FIRST, rather than LAST resort. Thus the subject of prayer will be this, our first topic discussed in a new series of articles in The Porch, each one providing information to help make our congregation more aware of different segments of the life and work of GEPC. If you, our readers, have an area you would like to see highlighted and addressed, please contact us at porch@gashland.org.

To simplify this topic, it is broken down into two primary pieces:

  1. How to request prayer for yourself, a family member or friend
  2. How to access Gashland’s current prayer list so you might pray for others

First, if you are seeking prayers, there are several avenues you may pursue:

  • Email your request to myprayer@gashland.org.
  • Write a prayer request on the back of the Communication Card during Sunday morning worship service.
  • Visit online at gashland.org/prayer. You may also access the church website at gashland.org, click on “Home,” scroll down to “Can We Pray For You?,” click on it, and fill out the form.
  • Phone the church office at 816-436-3583.
  • And of course last, but certainly not least, you may opt to personally request prayer from any church or staff member.

Secondly, prayer warriors are a coveted, extremely important part of Gashland’s ministry. You may connect with an up-to-date list of prayer requests by:

  • Send an email to: iwillpray@gashland.org and ask to be signed up for the email Prayer Chain list. This list is updated as often as requests received, so it will generally be the most up-to-date. 
  • Phone the church office at 816-436-3583 and press 5 to be connected to prayer line. This line is normally updated once or twice weekly.
  • You may also sign up to receive Prayer Chain emails by contacting Kathy Welch in church office at 816-436-3583.
  • Again last, but definitely not least, personally offer to pray for your brothers and sisters in Christ, especially when you are aware of particular prayer needs.

Gashland offers additional opportunities to participate in individual as well as corporate prayer. These include:

  • Pray Always Sunday School class. Contact Mark Lancaster for more information!
  • Prayer group meeting prior to weekly Conversations on Wednesday evenings. Contact Mark Lancaster for more information!

      So, Gashland, did you know all of these ways you are privileged to request and offer prayers through our church? Hopefully this brief summary helps provide clarification. Watch for other “Did You Know?” pieces on different topics in the future!