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  • Welcome to the Deacon Questionnaire!!  

    Please know that ALL responses on this questionnaire will be kept confidential within the Nominating Team.  We will not share this information with anyone outside of the team. With this in mind, we ask that you answer the questions as honestly and transparently as possible to help us as we navigate the Nominating process.

    Here are a couple of instructions before we begin.

    1.  This questionnaire will take some time to complete.  Please plan on an hour from start to finish.

    2.  At one point you will be asked three questions that require longer answers. We recommend that you write these out in a Word document BEFORE hand and "copy and paste" the answer within the text fields of the questionnaire.  Websites time out after a certain amount of time and we don't want you to write everything out and then lose your information. The following are the long answer questions you will be asked:

    a) your testimony

    b) your understanding of the office of Deacon

    c) information to introduce yourself.

    3. If at any point of the questionnaire you need to finish it later, please click "Save and Continue Later" at the bottom of any of the pages.  This will send you an email address with a link to continue your answers at a later time.

    We recognize that this is an investment of time and effort and that we have more people going through this process than we have positions available.  Our hope and prayer as a Nominating Team is that regardless of whether you move forward as an Deacon that the time you took considering the scripture during this questionnaire would be worthwhile.

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