Summer Socials 2023 Overview

This summer at Gashland EPC it is our heart to provide you with a number of ways in which you can connect with your church family in intentional community through Summer Socials! Summer Socials are themed social groups in which you can connect, know, be known, and have fun together. Each group consists around 6-10 people. These groups will meet 1-2 times a month in June, July and August.

The due date to sign up is Sunday May 21st!

Once the sign ups are complete we will help organize the various groups to get them started and then groups can decide when works best to meet and how often they want to meet (1 or 2 times a month). You can read the descriptions for the various Summer Social groups below. Depending on the interest level we may have more than one group for a particular themed category. After you read about the descriptions use the form below to sign up!

  • Book Worms: Like reading? Join this group and decide on 1-3 books you would like to read and discuss over the summer. As a group, you can decide whether you tackle fiction, non-fiction, Christian, or the classics!
  • Film Fanatics: If you have a love of film and movies, come along with this group as they watch and discuss movies! This will challenge your ability to find redemptive themes in the film industry.
  • Exploring Eateries: Do you love to eat out? Do you love to find the newest spots around town to sample? Then this is the group for you! Get takeout together as a group (or dine in when able) and find a spot to eat!
  • BBQ Bonanza: This group will be devoted to finding the best BBQ spots around town or in their own backyard. Kansas City has a lot to offer and everyone has their favorite spot. Go explore near and far with each other or dabble on the home grill together. Due to this unique season, you may have to get take out and find a spot to eat outside!
  • Go Go Games: Are you always wanting to play board games or cards?  This is the perfect group for you! It could be a night of Catch Phrase, Apples to Apples, Rummicube or even Bridge. Your group will be able to decide the games you play together!
  • Barista Bound: Love coffee? The smell, the taste, the ambience. Join together with fellow coffee lovers and dabble in coffee tastings, or explore the various coffeehouses around Kansas City.
  • Nature Lovers: Feeling cooped up? Need fresh air? This social group will tackle the outdoors! Enjoy bike riding, finding a new park to explore, planning a picnic, going for a hike or visiting the botanical gardens! This is for everyone who wants to get out, be active and explore nature.
  • Pizza Pursuits: Che pizza! Since the pizza party can’t start without the pizza, join in the fun with others and come explore the pizzerias Kansas City has to offer. Buon appetito!
  •  Pie on the Patio:  Have a sweet tooth? Enjoy a relaxing evening on the patio with a slice of humble pie. Let’s gather together and all relate to the craving for sweets! It’s not just a pie in the sky opportunity. 
  • Big Kid Family Fun: This group will plan free or low-cost active outings that cater to the big kids who are too young for youth group. Parks, swimming, fishing… who knows! The target age is upper elementary and other kids who like to hang out with this age. Siblings of any age are welcome to join in on the fun! (Parents need to be present!)